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type="ErikEJ.sqlCeRoleProvider" creating error only online... is not a valid win32 application

Everything works fine locally. I post the application to the host and everything begins to break. I don't want to get too far into "google search copy and paste" "google search copy and paste" I...

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CreatingSqlCEAspNetdb.sdf database

My apologies if this is a simple question. When I run Nuget with the SQL Compact ASP.NET Membership, Role and Profile. I do not get the sdf database file. I notice I have a sqlCeMembershipUtils.cs ...

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The ConnectionString property has not been initialized.

I am just trying to access Membership.ValidateUser("asd", "dad"); Here is the web.config

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Access is denied.

Hi.i have setup the SQLCE for my ASP.NET project. Everything works sweet on my desktop machine. So i thought it would be a easy thing to stick it on a hoster. Well. it turned out not to be. Once i ...

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Any plans to add SqlPersonalizationProvider?

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Support 3.5 by removing dependency on string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace

The code compiles perfectly well under 3.5 except for one BCL call. If this dependency could be removed, then people could at least recompile and target other frameworks without changing code. In...

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Using [Authorize] on controller redirects to Account/Login not Account/LogOn

When you create a new MVC 3 application, the Forms loginUrl is set to "~/Account/LogOn" by default, and in my web.config I have the following entry:   <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUr...

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configuration error

"This method cannot be called during the application's pre-start initialization stage."   Line 48: <add Line 49: name="SqlCeMembershipProvider" Line 50: ty...

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Null for Email causes NullReferenceException for LoweredEmail

When no Email is assigned to a new user, the Email property is null. The operation to set the null-Email to lower will fail with a NullReferenceException. See .\App_Code\SqlCeMembershipProvider.cs,...

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It would be nice to have encryption support in profile provider

According to MS "You can encrypt sensitive data before storing the value in the profile property, or you can extend the ProfileBase or...

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